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Mar 26, 2024


Have you ever felt trapped, struggling to break free from the patterns and beliefs that hold you back?

In this insightful conversation, transformational teacher Kute Blackson offers a fresh perspective on the power of surrender – a practice that can unlock your true potential and help you live a more...

Mar 19, 2024

Have you ever struggled to stick to your health and fitness goals when life gets chaotic?

We all face times when our normal healthy routines get disrupted – by vacations, holidays, work demands or other life events. Often this leads to frustration, guilt and even depression when we “fall off the wagon”.

In this...

Mar 12, 2024

Feeling stuck and unmotivated to make positive changes in your life? Learn how to build sustainable momentum instead of relying on fleeting motivation.

Without the right mindset and approach, it’s easy to get derailed when trying to form new habits and achieve your goals.

Our guest host, Joe Villegas shares simple...

Mar 5, 2024


In this episode, Jeremy and Zach discuss Zach's prolonged illness and his decision to finally take antibiotics. Zach explains his reservations about antibiotics, including the potential for antibiotic resistance and the negative impact on the gut microbiome. He also shares his struggles with being unable...