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May 14, 2024

Have you ever struggled to maintain healthy habits or fallen off track despite knowing what you should be doing?

Many of us find it challenging to stick to positive routines like exercising, eating well, and managing stress, even when we understand the benefits. This episode explores the human side of that struggle and offers practical insights for getting back on track when life gets overwhelming.

Listen to this candid conversation to reignite your motivation and learn practical tips for establishing lasting healthy habits, even when life gets chaotic.

Topics Discussed:

  • The importance of consistency in healthy habits
  • Strategies for getting back on track after falling off routines
  • The power of small, sustainable changes over time
  • Finding the right support system and accountability
  • The role of self-compassion in habit-building
  • Balancing self-care with other life responsibilities
  • The impact of stress and anxiety on healthy habits
  • Overcoming the desire for quick fixes and optimizations
  • The value of surrounding yourself with like-minded people
  • A real-life example of transforming one's life through consistent effort



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